Never lose the butterflies
The Valentine's Day Massacre is the 14th episode of Season 3 of WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH – Joey (Katie Holmes) questions Dawson's (James Van Der Beek) state of mind when he and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) decide to lead their friends to a secret location party hosted by a group infamous for their complete and utter debauchery. Back at home, Jack's (Kerr Smith) ex-girlfriend arrives from Rhode Island nursing a broken heart but is unaware of Jack's coming out last year and Jen's (Michelle Williams) first date with Henry (guest star Michael Pitt) is a Valentine's Day she won't soon forget.


Jack's ex-girlfriend comes to town for Valentine's Day after a break-up with her boyfriend, but doesn't yet know that Jack is gay. Jen goes on her first ever Valentine's date with Henry and the rest of the gang venture out to an illegal rager which ends up with everyone in the slammer.


Maybe that's who he thinks you want him to be
Grams about Henry



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