Season 2 of American teen drama series Dawson's Creek was originally broadcast on The WB.


Joey and Dawson venture into new territory now that they've finally kissed, leaving Jen and Pacey feeling left out. Jen finds solace in returning to her destructive path – with Abby Morgan in tow. Pacey tries to forge a new beginning for himself, and new kids in town Jack and Andie McPhee try to find their place in a new town and may change the group forever.


James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery
Katie Holmes as Joey Potter
Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter
Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley
Mary-Margaret Humes as Gail Leery (13 episodes)
John Wesley Shipp as Mitch Leery (15 episodes)
Mary Beth Peil as Grams (9 episodes)
Nina Repeta as Bessie Potter (9 episodes)

Special Guest Stars

Meredith Monroe as Andie McPhee (21 episodes)
Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee (20 episodes)

Recurring cast

Monica Keena as Abby Morgan (12 episodes)
The ruthless bully at Capeside High who befriends Jen
Gareth Williams as Mike Potter (5 episodes)
Joey and Bessie's ex-con father

Guest starring

Mädchen Amick as Nicole Kennedy (3 episodes)
Ali Larter as Kristy Livingstone (2 episodes)
Leann Hunley as Tamara Jacobs (2 episodes)
Caroline Kava as Andrea McPhee (2 episodes)
John Finn as John Witter (2 episodes)
Nick Stabile as Colin Manchester ("Psychic Friends")


  • Meredith Monroe and Kerr Smith join the cast as recurring characters Andie and Jack, respectively, billed as special guest stars throughout the season.
  • The season consists of 22 episodes and was released on DVD on December 16, 2003.


Season 2/Gallery



The Kiss

7 OCTOBER 1998 Jon Harmon Feldman 1 14
After the moment of truth when Dawson and Joey seal their passions with a kiss, tensions mount as the two are plagued with doubts and questions as to where to take the relationship. Meanwhile, Jen has difficulty understanding Grams' reaction to her grandfather's death, Pacey clashes with new Capeside High arrival Andie McPhee, and Mitch and Gale struggle to bring trust back into their marriage.


14 OCTOBER 1998 Dana Baratta 2 15
Dawson and Joey's newfound affection hits its first crossroad when Joey discovers that Dawson has invaded her personal privacy but he is too consumed with malice and torment by the horrible things he has unearthed to consider forgiving her. Meanwhile, when Pacey's childhood friends are too distracted by their own predicament to remember his all-important 16th birthday, he sets out to expand his horizons; and Abby convinces a downhearted Jen to unleash the wild side she hoped had been left behind in New York.

Alternative Lifestyles

21 OCTOBER 1998 Mike White 3 16
A class project pairing with Dawson (James Van Der Beek) provides Jen (Michelle Williams) with the perfect opportunity to use her powers of seduction to draw him away from Joey (Katie Holmes); while Pacey's teaming with Andie (Meredith Monroe) finds them at each other's throats. Meanwhile, Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) is doing his best to repress his anger towards Gale (Mary-Margaret Humes) for her affair, but in desperation decides that an open marriage is the only way to get back what they've lost.

Tamara's Return

28 OCTOBER 1998 Mike White 4 17
When Joey (Katie Holmes) pursues her natural gift as an artist, a chasm develops between her and Dawson (James Van Der Beek) as he can't relate to this new interest, while Jack (Kerr Smith) displays a new side beyond his lack of waitering skills as a sensitive art lover. Meanwhile, Tamara Jacobs' (guest star Leann Hunley) unexpected return to Capeside throws Pacey (Joshua Jackson) for a major loop just as he and Andie (Meredith Monroe) discover a common ground and move past their sadistic sparring.

Full Moon Rising

4 NOVEMBER 1998 Dana Baratta 5 18
On edge because of the ominous full moon, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey's (Katie Holmes) budding romance is overshadowed by the continuing deterioration of Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) and Gale's (Mary-Margaret Humes) marriage and Dawson's shattering discovery of his parents' Thursday night secret. Meanwhile, a promising first date is interrupted when Pacey (Joshua Jackson) gets a disturbing glimpse into Andie's (Meredith Monroe) home life, and Jen (Michelle Williams) plays with fire when she dates a mysterious older man (guest star Joe Flanigan).

The Dance

11 NOVEMBER 1998 Jon Harmon Feldman 6 19
Joey's (Katie Holmes) secret hangs heavy between her and Dawson (James Van Der Beek) as they reluctantly attend the Homecoming Dance along with Pacey (Joshua Jackson), Andie (Meredith Monroe), Jack (Kerr Smith) and Jen (Michelle Williams), yet the dream of a perfect night ends in utter shambles. Back at the Leery home, Dawson is devastated when Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) and Gale (Mary-Margaret Humes) take the painful step of a trial separation.

The All-Nighter

18 NOVEMBER 1998 Greg Berlanti 7 20
On the eve of an English mid-term, Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Joey (Katie Holmes), Pacey (Joshua Jackson), Andie (Meredith Monroe), Jen (Michelle Williams) and the school stud (guest star Jason Behr) are thrown together in an all-night cram session, but as night falls tempting distractions send the night spiraling out of control. A potentially fun study break turns ugly when a magazine "purity test" reveals hidden secrets.

The Reluctant Hero

25 NOVEMBER 1998 Darin Goldberg & Shelley Meals 8 21
Dawson (James Van Der Beek) movie wins a prestigious film festival award, but his first major accomplishment as a filmmaker is overshadowed by the disintegration of his personal life, as Joey (Katie Holmes) continues to pull away, his dad (John Wesley Shipp) gets his own apartment and Jen (Michelle Williams) spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) has nowhere to go but up after his guidance counselor paints a bleak picture of his future, but in a moment of crisis, a newly focused and inspired Pacey rises to the occasion and proves that Andie's (Meredith Monroe) belief in him is well-founded.

The Election

16 DECEMBER 1998 Darin Goldberg & Shelley Meals 9 22
Joey (Katie Holmes) joins Andie (Meredith Monroe) and Pacey's (Joshua Jackson) crusade to bring decency back to politics in the sophomore class election. Meanwhile, Dawson (James Van Der Beek), whose screenwriting is suffering from his adult perspective, hesitantly accepts Jen's (Michelle Williams) tantalizing offer to help him experience the dark pain and exhilaration that comes with being a teenager, while Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) and Gale (Mary-Margaret Humes) use a plumbing emergency as an excuse to rekindle their amorous furniture fetish.

High Risk Behavior

13 JANUARY 1999 Jenny Bicks 10 23
As Dawson (James Van Der Beek) hashes out his entire relationship with Joey (Katie Holmes) in his new script, his real life heats up as a collaboration with Jen (Michelle Williams) on his new movie is thick with sexual tension that may inspire Dawson to act on impulse for once in his life. Meanwhile, Joey has graduated from fruit bowls to male nudes in art class, but may have bitten off more than she can chew when Jack (Kerr Smith) accidentally ruins her classwork and offers to pose for her; and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) exposes his romantic side as he and Andie (Meredith Monroe) continue their delicate dance towards intimacy.

Sex, She Wrote

20 JANUARY 1999 Mike White & Greg Berlanti 11 24
Dawson's (James Van Der Beek) gripping video report on mysteries sets a high standard for English class excellence, but when Abby (Monica Keena) finds a sexy and intriguing yet unsigned discarded love letter, she will stop at nothing to solve the real-life mystery in Capeside. Meanwhile, Dawson's script rewrites lead to speculation that he is sleeping with Jen (Michelle Williams), while Joey (Katie Holmes) and Jack (Kerr Smith) deal with the repercussions from their artistic interlude, and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) inexplicably gives Andie (Meredith Monroe) the cold shoulder.

Uncharted Waters

27 JANUARY 1999 Dana Baratta & Mike White 12 25
A father-son fishing trip provides a forum for Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) to air their frustrations over their dysfunctional paternal relationships, and a last-minute addition to the crew has Dawson wishing he was back on dry land. Meanwhile, when the girls help Gale (Mary-Margaret Humes) with a news piece on teenage trends, Jen (Michelle Williams) and Joey (Katie Holmes) dig to the core of their animosity towards each other, and an unhealthy dose of Abby's (Monica Keena) bitterness nearly turns "Ladies Night" into a full-fledged cat fight.

His Leading Lady

3 FEBRUARY 1999 Darin Goldberg & Shelley Meals 13 26
Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey (Katie Holmes) continue struggling to redefine their post-break up friendship, while Dawson desperately searches for a leading lady for his film who can capture Joey's distinct, unattainable style, but when he finally finds his girl (guest star Rachael Leigh Cook), she may be more than he can handle. Meanwhile, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) tries to be supportive of Andie's (Meredith Monroe) precarious emotional state, but his earnest desire to help only places additional stress on her already full plate, and sparks fly when Jen (Michelle Williams) befriends an intriguing stranger (guest star Eddie Mills).

To Be or Not to Be...

10 FEBRUARY 1999 Greg Berlanti 14 27
In a compelling two-part episode, the Capeside High School gossip mill kicks into overdrive after Jack (Kerr Smith) bears his soul in a English assignment and is forced to expose his innermost secrets while reading the poem aloud in class, leaving Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Joey (Katie Holmes) and Andie (Meredith Monroe) shaken by the implications of what it all means. Meanwhile, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) tries to defend Jack in the face of an adversarial teacher, and Jen (Michelle Williams) finds her latest suitor Ty (guest star Eddie Mills) is full of surprises.

...That Is the Question

17 FEBRUARY 1999 Greg Berlanti & Kevin Williamson 15 28
On Dawson's (James Van Der Beek) advice, Joey (Katie Holmes) attempts to heal the wounds of her new romance with Jack (Kerr Smith) left shattered by rumor and innuendo, but when Jack confronts his innermost secrets, their lives and everyone's close to them will never be the same again. Meanwhile, for the first time in his life, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) stands up for what he believes in when he takes on an abusive teacher, but the consequences of his convictions are more than he could have imagined.

Be Careful What You Wish For

3 MARCH 1999 Heidi Ferrer 16 29
On the eve of Dawson's sixteenth birthday, Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Andie (Meredith Monroe) follow her therapist's advice and throw themselves into an unabashed night of recklessness and the blues. Meanwhile, back at the Leery house, Joey (Katie Holmes) is organizing a surprise party for Dawson, but the longer the guest of honor is a no show, the more she is subject to surprises of her own; Jen (Michelle Williams) and Ty (guest star Eddie Mills) face up to the their potentially irreconcilable differences; and Gale (Mary Margaret Humes) and Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) come to decisions about how to raise their son in light of their separation.

Psychic Friends

10 MARCH 1999 Dana Baratta 17 30
Dawson's (James Van Der Beek) confidence as a filmmaker is shaken when his new teacher (guest star Madchen Amick, "Twin Peaks," "Fantasy Island") turns out to be a movie studio executive on sabbatical in Capeside and tells Dawson the painful truth about his amateur movie. The future is unsure for Joey (Katie Holmes) as well, when a fortune teller (guest star Rebecca Koon) advises her to be open to every new opportunity that crosses her path, and she stumbles into Colin (guest star Nick Stabile, "Sunset Beach"), a gorgeous photographer who brings out Joey's free-spirited side during a wild photo shoot.

A Perfect Wedding

28 APRIL 1999 Mike White 18 31
Joey (Katie Holmes) is distraught when her just-paroled father (guest star Gareth Williams) will be making his reintroduction into society by catering a posh wedding attended by all the bluebloods of Capeside, but the drama at the ceremony pales in comparison to the night's tragic end. Meanwhile, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and his mom (Mary-Margaret Humes) share a pep talk about her desire to win Mitch back, but Mitch's (John Wesley Shipp) new squeeze Nicole (guest star Madchen Amick, "Twin Peaks," "Fantasy Island") stands in their way, while Abby (Monica Keena) and Jen (Michelle Williams) decide to crash the wedding for a little excitement, and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) tries to put a chink in Andie's (Meredith Monroe) armor of cynicism.

Abby Morgan, Rest in Peace

5 MAY 1999 Mike White 19 32
The stunning news of the tragic death of a Capeside teen abruptly curtails Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey's (Katie Holmes) long-awaited reconciliation, and while they try to sort through their own feelings of loss, Jen (Michelle Williams) is appalled by what she feels is blatant hypocrisy on the part of her mourning classmates. Meanwhile, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) is deeply concerned by Andie's (Meredith Monroe) drastic reaction to the accident, which triggers something in her about her dead brother.


12 MAY 1999 Greg Berlanti 20 33
As an attempt to inject some much-needed spontaneity into their relationship, Dawson takes Joey to a fancy French restaurant, but the dining experience deteriorates into a farce when a reservation mix-up forces them to share a table with Mitch and his date Nicole, while Jen and Gale are having a girls' night out across the room. Meanwhile, Andie's deteriorating mental state has Pacey and Jack deeply concerned as she appears more and more disoriented and anxious, but are at a loss as to how to bring her back from the emotional edge.

Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes

19 MAY 1999 Dana Baratta 21 34
Dawson is floundering to come up with a proper interview subject for his film class final project, and rather than turn the camera on himself in a self-aware examination of his own fears, he infuriates Joey by dredging up her painful past and interviewing her father as an example of a man who has overcome tremendous odds by making a heroic life change. Meanwhile, Pacey's life gets turned upside-down when Mr. Joseph McPhee comes to town and announces that he is taking Andie and Jack back to Providence with him, while Jen begins making her own plans to leave town, feeling like she may have nowhere left to turn.

Parental Discretion Advised

26 MAY 1999 Greg Berlanti 22 35
When Dawson discovers that Joey's father is back to his drug-dealing ways, Dawson's decision of what's right for his friend over what's right for their friendship could tear her family apart and forever change his relationship with Joey. Meanwhile, for the first time in his life Pacey stands up to his father's painful abuse; Grams desperately tries to reconcile with Jen and bring her home; and Gale struggles over her desire to keep her family together.

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