Reunited is the 20th episode of Season 2 on WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


...AND IT FEELS SO GOOD? – As an attempt to inject some much-needed spontaneity into their relationship, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) takes Joey (Katie Holmes) to a fancy French restaurant, but the dining experience deteriorates into a farce when a reservation mix-up forces them to share a table with Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) and his date Nicole (recurring guest star Madchen Amick, "Twin Peaks," "Fantasy Island"), while Jen (Michelle Williams) and Gale (Mary-Margaret Humes) are having a girls' night out across the room. Meanwhile, Andie's (Meredith Monroe) deteriorating mental state has Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Jack (Kerr Smith) deeply concerned as she appears more and more disoriented and anxious, but are at a loss as to how to bring her back from the emotional edge.


James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery
Katie Holmes as Joey Potter
Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley
Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter
Mary-Margaret Humes as Gail Leery
John Wesley Shipp as Mitch Leery

Special Guest Stars

Meredith Monroe as Andie McPhee
Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee
Mädchen Amick as Nicole Kennedy

Guest starring

Scott Denny as Tim McPhee


I've just accepted that there are certain people who aren't meant to fit in your life. No matter how much you want them to be
—Jen to Gail about Grams
My life began when I met you Andie, and you never gave up on me so I'm not gonna give up on you
AndieI don't wanna lose you
PaceyYou're not gonna lose me. Not now and not ever


  • First and only time Tim McPhee appears in the series
  • Final appearance of Nicole Kennedy
  • Jen has moved into the Leery house
  • Joey and Dawson celebrate their one-month anniversary
  • Andie sees her therapist, who estimates that she needs medication as additional treatment after "seeing" Abby
  • Joey and Dawson talk about having sex
  • Jen and Joey try to reunite Gail and Mitch
  • Mitch wants Gail to stay but doesn't say it


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Gail sees Mitch; Joey & Dawson talk about sex; Pacey comforts Andie