You can't will a friendship into existence, Dawson
Escape from Witch Island is the 7th episode of Season 3 on WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


AN HOMAGE TO "THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT" – In a bone-chilling installment, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) recruits Joey (Katie Holmes), Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Jen (Michelle Williams) to be his guerilla crew on a documentary for history class about Witch Island, a local spot shrouded in mystery for its reputation for being haunted by witches. They are haunted by tall tales of witches and love lost that has Dawson and Joey questioning their own romance and Jen (Michelle Williams) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) considering a new kind of friendship. Back at school, Andie (Meredith Monroe) takes her job on the school disciplinary committee a little too seriously when she tries to take back the halls of Capeside.


  • Kerr Smith does not appear in this episode.
  • Homage to The Blair Witch Project, to which many meta-comments are made



Escape from Witch Island on tunefind

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