Discovery is the 4th episode of Season 1 on WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


HIDDEN TRUTHS -- On the day of Dawson's (James Van Der Beek) parents' twentieth wedding anniversary, he spots his mother (Mary-Margaret Humes) with another man. Later, Dawson turns to his best friend Joey (Katie Holmes), rather than his girlfriend Jen (Michelle Williams), when he needs a friend to confide in about his suspicions. Upon turning to Joey he feels betrayed when she confesses she has known about his mother's dishonesty. Jen finally reveals to Dawson her dark past about her life in New York and based on his surprise reaction, she turns to an unlikely source for advice. Meanwhile, Pacey and Ms. Jacobs (guest star Leann Hunley) continue to grow closer but they are having a hard time keeping their tryst a secret after Dawson unknowingly captures their romance on videotape.


  • Dawson finds out that Jen is not a virgin, that Joey knew about his mother's affair and that Pacey is dating his teacher.

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