Can you honestly doubt for a second that he doesn't truly care about you?
—Dawson to Joey about Pacey
Crime and Punishment is the 15th episode of Season 3 of WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


FACING THE CONSEQUENCES – Joey (Katie Holmes) is chosen to be part of a group of students to paint a school mural, but when hers is defaced before the unveiling, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) offers words of encouragement while Pacey (Joshua Jackson) takes action and risks suspension when he goes in search of the culprit. Meanwhile, when Andie's (Meredith Monroe) PSAT scores rank among the best in the country, she gambles with everything she has worked for and comes clean to Principal Green (guest star Obba Babatundé) about the previously stolen test; and Pacey moves in with Deputy Doug (guest star Dylan Neal) when their sister and her kids move back into the Witter house.


Joey is among a couple of students selected to paint murals at Capeside High. Pacey gets in trouble when Joey's mural is vandalised and he hits the bully who did it, and Dawson tries to encourage Joey to repaint. Andie's guilt over cheating intensifies as she learns her PSAT results.


  • Pacey moves in with Doug in this episode, as their older sister, Kerry, takes over Pacey's room.


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