There are worse things than a broken heart. Like the love that you don't explore
—Joey to A.J.
Cinderella Story is the 17th episode of Season 3 on WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


JONATHAN LIPNICKI GUEST-STARS – When Joey (Katie Holmes) turns to Pacey (Joshua Jackson) for rescuing after she flees Boston halfway through her visit with A.J. (guest star Robin Dunne), the two old friends may finally confront their growing feelings for each other. Meanwhile, to avoid suspension, Pacey becomes a mentor to a young boy (guest star Jonathan Lipnicki, "Stuart Little," "Jerry Maguire") and must contend with a little version of himself with a big attitude; and behind Gale's (Mary-Margaret Humes) back, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) asks Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) to help with the opening of her new restaurant.


Joey is invited to an award ceremony for A.J.'s writing. Pacey is tutoring Buzz, Dawson enlists his dad to help out with his mother's restaurant, Andie and Jack as guinea pigs for chef tryouts and Jen is hired for the wait staff.


You're trying to put your family back together
Jen to Dawson
I used to think a broken heart was just hyperbole. Now I know the truth
A.J. to Joey


Cinderella Story at tunefind

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