Now this... this, is adorable
—Billy picking up Dawson's E.T.[src]
Billy Konrad is a guest character on Season 1 of WB teen drama Dawson's Creek. He is portrayed by Eion Bailey.


Billy Konrad is Jen Lindley's ex-boyfriend from New York who was the major reason why her parent's sent her to live with her grandmother. They (Billy & Jen) were caught by her father having sex in Jen's parents' bed which was the last straw for her parents. Billy attempted to win Jen back by arriving in Capeside during season 1. He managed to put a wedge between Jen & Dawson, endeavored to sabatoge Dawson's attempt to win Jen back, and then tried to step in when it appeared they were finally over. Jen asked him to leave Capeside as she would rather be alone than with either of them.