My life began when I met you Andie, and you never gave up on me so I'm not gonna give up on you
Andie & Pacey is a romance on Dawson's Creek, portrayed by Joshua Jackson and Meredith Monroe.


Pacey and Andie have a classic meet cute when they literally run into each other while driving[1]. Following a while of banterfilled interactions, Pacey asks Andie to hang out[2] and eventually, he asks her on a date[3]. Their relationship starts following the gangs first high school dance including Jack and Andie[4]. Pacey stands by Andie throughout her difficulties with a mentally unstable mother she and her brother care for alone with their dad absent[3][5], while Andie attempts to instill in Pacey a belief in himself and his value[5]. While Pacey starts to accomplish a lot academically, Andie's mental health problems arise[6][7][8] and she leaves Capeside to get treatment[9].

After recovering, Andie admits to Pacey that she slept with a friend she made at the recovery center – Marc[10]. A devastated Pacey breaks up with Andie, but tells her that he can forgive her in time[10]. Unable to accept the break-up (and the inherent instability following the emotional hardship she dealt with the previous year), Andie makes up a sexual assault to reunite with Pacey, which she thinks she does, but Pacey tells her that she is not the one for him[11]. After spending some time apart, Andie and Pacey manage to slowly rebuild and become friends, which they remain throughout the series[12][13][14].



Meet cute

Andie arrives in Capeside from Rhode Island in September 1998 in literal loud fashion as she has a fender bender with Pacey's squad car. Pacey decides to play Andie for a fool posing as a cop when she assumes he is. Andie's talking a mile a minute and is naturally flustered, but later shows Pacey her creativity and smarts when she gets revenge by interfering with his crush on Senior Kristy Livingstone. Once Pacey realises he's been played, they form a sort of truce with obvious mutual respect and a bantery spark between them.


Pacey's birthday

While Pacey is on a quest to reinvent himself, Andie learns there's more to him as she keeps him company at his impromptu 16th birthday party at the docks. When they're paired for a Home Ec assignment, Pacey assumes that Andie's life is easy because she's rich, but discovers there's more going on than he realised. Andie, in turn, learns that Pacey's not a slacker. Pacey finds himself interested in Andie and decides he'd like to spend time with her, although he naturally underplays this. Their pseudo-date is interrupted by Tamara Jacobs' return to Capeside, but Pacey closes that chapter and decides to ask Andie out on a real first date.


Confusion about the location leads Pacey to pick up Andie at her house and Pacey meets her and Jack's mother, and learns that their brother died and their mother has become ill as a result. Andie fears that Pacey will treat her differently or pity her, but Pacey shows her only understanding and compassion for what she's going through, admiring her strength. Following this they tentatively start dating, although Andie is shocked to learn of Pacey's past with Tamara Jacobs, mainly because he had not given her any impression of his experience. They make up and Andie starts encouraging and inspiring Pacey to use his intellect to further his academic achievements.

Summer 1999

Letters between Andie and Pacey while she was away[15]


It's tough here. I look around this place and see so many teenagers just like me. I don't want to be like them. One girl, Tina, has been here for six months. Another guy, Marc, was in three different facilities before finally coming to this one.
I'm scared. What if I can't get better? What if I'm not able to come home? Even if I do get better, my dad's mad eit pretty clear he's not moving to Capeside. The thought of never seeing you again...that stresses me out more than the thought of being crazy.
So...stay out of trouble and keep those Kristy Livingstones away. I put a lot of effort into you. And if you think I'm going to let some other girl have you you're the one who's crazy.
I hope you're thinking of me. I am always thinking of you....your bright eyes, broad shoulders, and sweet smile. I love you so much it hurts.
Please don't forget me are my world.


Andie —
There is something inside you that makes you different from everyone in that hospital. You've had the benefit of being Pacey Witter's sparring partner for the past year. And if you can survive that then you can definitley survive Mayfield.
I'm glad you're on the road to recovery. And I'm glad you had the good sense to go away and get better. If it was up to me, I would have never let you go. Don't worry about any Kristy Livingstones. I'm a one-woman kind of guy and that woman will always be you.
You have become my world Andie. The first moment you laughed in my direction -- I knew. You came to Capeside and realized my nakedness. And yet, you still chose to run with me.
I'll wait forever for you to be complete. It is you that has made me complete.
I love you McPhee.


Pacey —
Thank you for your beautiful words. They helped to calm me. Moving in and getting settled has been extremely stressful. But now that I'm here, I'm relieved.
I met with my therapist today. She's been trying to help me cope with my anxiety and stress. In our first hour session she asked me to tell her what makes me feel the most nervous. But before I got halfway through the list, my hour was over.
Do me a favor okay? Watch out for Jack. I hope you guys are hanging out. He's all alone right now. I mean he has Jen and Grams, who are wonderful, but they're not family. You are Pacey. You're my family.
I never thought it possible to love someone so much. I want to get better for myself. Even more, I want to get better for you. I want us to have a good life, Pacey. And we will, as long as we have each other.
I hope I'll be you...soon.


Andie —
I was happy to get your letter lodged somewhere between Dougie's 'Playgirl' and Mom's 'Publisher's Clearing House'. Sounds like you're doing better. I like that!
Not much news here. Dawson's in Philly with his mom. I haven't seen Joey at all. It looks as if the ice house isn't going to be rebuilt. I should call her. I wish you were here. You always know just the right thing to say.
I'm meeting Jack and Jen tonight to watch a movie. In the absense of Dawson we're soaking in all the non-Spielbergs we missed during the year. Movie night at Jen's is pretty sweet. She has the one thing Dawson doesn't -- breasts. Just kidding. Snacks. She's got snacks. Grams is a virtual Betty Crocker. Rock on Grams!
Too bad we're keeping you off the computer for the time being. In the future, just so I know, would Cyber-sex be a possibilty or am I on my own here?


PaceyYou, Andie McPhee, are the girl I love to hate
AndieI love to hate you too
―Pandie banter[src]
I'm just not really used to hearing those words, 'I'm proud of you'
—Pacey to Andie[src]
My life began when I met you Andie, and you never gave up on me so I'm not gonna give up on you
AndieI don't wanna lose you
PaceyYou're not gonna lose me. Not now and not ever
That's what my heart is telling me right now. It's telling me, you're not the one


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