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Andie McPhee
Andie in Season 3

Birth name

Andrea McPhee




Medical Resident (in Boston, 2008)


Jack (brother)
Amy Lindley (adopted niece)
Tim † (brother)
Andrea McPhee (mother)
Joseph McPhee (father)


Pacey (ex-boyfriend)
Mark (fling)
Will (dated)
"Jean-Jean" (fling)


Giddy, enthusiastic, efficient, hard-working, sweet, kind, caring

Portrayed by

Meredith Monroe

First appearance

The Kiss

Latest appearance

You Had Me At Goodbye (as a main character)
...Must Come to and End (as a special guest star)

"It's not about getting it right... It's about knowing when it's wrong and doing something about it." – Andie talking to Pacey in ...Must Come To An End (episode)
Andrea 'Andie' McPhee is a main character on Dawson's Creek. The character was introduced in Season 2 and is portrayed by Meredith Monroe.


Andie was a fan favorite on the series, appearing first in the Season 2 opener "The Kiss", and quickly became a love interest for Pacey Witter . The character was brought back for two guest appearances in order to provide closure for her character (in Season 4, when Andie returned to graduate), and to support the ongoing storylines at the time (in Season 6, to say goodbye to Jen and to show where Andie was in 2008). Her character exited the show early in Season 4 in the episode 'You Had Me At Good Bye' - the character had eventually run its course, producers commenting that the only story arc left for Andie would have been a relationship with Dawson Leery.

Photo gallery Edit

Andie McPhee/Gallery

Season 2Edit


Andie talking to Pacey in Tamara's Return

Andie crashes into Season 2, literally, after she runs into the car that Pacey was driving. Knowing full well that it was his fault and that his father would "kill" him for damaging his police car, Pacey kept up with the pretense he was the police officer and it was his car. This kind of 'sparring' would eventually define Andie and Pacey's relationship throughout Season 2. The two attended the school dance in the episode 'The Dance', the episode closing with the two dancing on the docks, putting into motion the start of their relationship.


Andie and Pacey say goodbye as she leaves

However, throughout the course of the season the audience sees Andie experience mental health issues in trying to overcome the death of her brother, Tim, the reason the McPhee family moved to Capeside from Providence. It was Pacey who did not give up on Andie, coaxing her out of a locked room, eventually the two of them making the decision for Andie to be rehabilitated during summer break, and to return to Capeside in the fall, "happy, healthy, and more in love than ever". Andie left that season with her father, en route to Providence in the episode 'Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes'.

Season 3Edit


Andie and Mark in Homecoming

When Andie returns from her summer away, Pacey is overjoyed until he finds out she has slept with another patient, her friend Mark. Andie pleads with Pacey to forgive him, but he says he could never forget and breaks up with her. Intent to move on, Andie throws herself into preparing for the PSATs, but when Dawson shows up with an advance copy, surprisingly, Andie ends up stealing it and using it, as she is desperate to ace the test to prove that she has recovered from her medical problems.


Joey comforts Andie

Andie decides to go out with Rob Logan, Joey's neanderthal of a boss. Andie is annoyed when Joey tries to intervene, but eventually claims that Logan tried to force himself on her. It is never said, but indicated that Andie made this up to get back together with Pacey, but Pacey is adamant that he cannot restart a relationship with her. Heartbroken, Andie lashes out at Joey, but they mend fences as Joey consoles a devastated Andie. She signs on as Assistant Director for the school's production of Barefoot in the Park to get over Pacey, but, alas, he turns out to be the leading man. They eventually find common ground in working on the play, and tentatively start anew as friends. Andie eventually confesses to stealing the PSATs to the Principal and loses her scholarship.


Andie talks to Jen & Joey in Neverland

When the gang goes on spring break at Dawson's Aunt Gwen's, Andie meets the Pacey's childhood friend, Will Krudski. During their stay at Aunt Gwen's, Andie and Will grow closer and Will eventually asks Andie out. She's unsure how she feels about the date when she bumps into Pacey and starts having feelings for him again. She confesses them to Joey, who has been in a secret relationship with Pacey, unbeknownst to Andie.

Andie and Will meet in Stolen Kisses

Andie must then deal with these new romantic feelings between Pacey and Joey when they come to light, Will advising her not to let anger consume her but try and mend fences. Andie spends some time with Pacey after Joey rejects him and ends up making one more play for Pacey by going to prom with him. She then realizes Pacey only went with her to see Joey and she releases him to go after her. When Joey chooses Pacey over Dawson, Andie is there to comfort Dawson along with Jack and Jen.

Season 4Edit


Jack, Jen & Andie photographed by Dawson

After Joey and Pacey left, Andie, Jen, Dawson and Jack spent the summer together, hanging out and going to the beach. They sort of seem to have become best friends and Andie starts the season by meeting two foreign guys, realizing she is attracted to both of them. Andie has an interview for college, but her medical records get in her way and she is denied on the spot.  As a storm rips apart Capeside with Pacey and Jen out on "The True Love", Andie takes control of the situation and guides everybody to rescue Jen and Pacey. In 'Great Xpectations', Andie gets accepted into Harvard in advance, but accomplishing what should be the biggest thing in her life doesn't exactly make her happy. 

She decides to explore different paths in her life by going to a rave. At the party, Drew gives Jen ecstasy pills, which Andie finds in Jen's drawer. Andie ends up taking one of the pills, and the drug makes a disastrous combination with her anti-depressants, almost killing her. After Andie comes home from the hospital, her father tells her it would be better if she went to spend the rest of the year in Italy with her aunt since she already has the credits required for an early graduation. Andie decides to go, and plans a goodbye dinner with the whole gang. She tells them how important life is and not to waste valuable time with useless fights between natural best friends. Andie plays a little trick to bring Dawson and Pacey together and leaves Capeside on a happier note than most thought possible.

Guest AppearancesEdit


Andie returns for graduation

Andie returned to Capeside at the end of Season 4 to graduate from Capeside High, in the episode 'The Graduate'. She told Jack, more he guessed, that she had "deferred Harvard by a year", saying that right now she "couldn't imagine being happier anywhere else". She remained a prominent part of Joey's graduation speech, as if she had never left. Andie was mentioned at various points throughout the series after the character had left - in the sixth season episode 'Merry Mayhem', Jen comments that Jack is in Europe spending Thanksgiving with his Dad and Andie.

Series FinaleEdit


Andie talking with Pacey

Though her scenes were cut from the broadcast version of the series finale (but appear on the DVD extended cut), Andie returned to Capeside to say goodbye to her friend Jen, who was dying from pulmonary congestion, in the episodes All Good Things ...' and '... Must Come To An End'. Andie is seen to be a happy medical resident in 2008, living and working in Boston.


Andie comes to see Jen

This episode, which marked the final appearance of the character, also brought closure to Pacey and Andie fans in a bittersweet scene between them in the hospital cafe. They both agree to talk to each other more - Pacey comments that with Andie completing her residency in Boston there should be no reason for them not to stay in touch. In her final lines in the series, she comments, "It's not about getting it right; it's about knowing when it's wrong and doing something about it".

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