After Hours is the 21st episode of Season 5 on WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


Pacey's (Joshua Jackson) undeniable attraction towards his sexy new boss Alex (guest star Sherilyn Fenn, "Twin Peaks") gets him into trouble after she makes a late night visit to his apartment and Audrey (Busy Philipps) catches them together. Meanwhile, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) runs into an old friend at the movies and ends up in the older woman's bed.


James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery
Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter
Katie Holmes as Joey Potter
Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee
Mary Beth Peil as Grams

Recurring cast

Busy Philipps as Audrey Liddell
Ryan Bittle as Eric

Guest starring

Meredith Salenger as Amy Lloyd
Sherilyn Fenn as Alex Pearl


  • Audrey breaks up with Pacey after she finds him kissing Alex
  • Eric helps Jack out
  • Amy went to film school and majored in directing


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