But the reason you keep acting out, the reason you've stayed on a self-destructive path is not because you blame your father for what happened. It's because you blame yourself
—Dr. Frost to Jen
Admissions is the 17th episode of Season 4 on WB teen drama Dawson's Creek.


Everybody gets their college acceptance letters – Joey's been admitted to Worthington University, while Dawson's been rejected by NYU. Jack and Jen have a lot of different choices, but Jack is pushing for New York. Joey is devastated when she realises she doesn't qualify for financial aid and Dawson offers to sponsor her tuition with his inheritance from Brooks.


I think you underestimate me. I think we underestimate each other
—Dawson to Joey


  • Joey tells both Dawson and Pacey (separately) that she lied to Dawson about sleeping with Pacey.
  • Pacey thinks he's holding Joey back in life.
  • Dawson gets accepted to USC.
  • Jen tries to remember her last conversation with her father, but can't. She elicits Drue Valentine's help and after being an ass to her, he comes to her house and tells Jen what happened:
    • The night before Jen arrives in Capeside, she got drunk, took drugs and made out with Drue, a plan to provoke her father. Jen's father called her a slut and she called him a hypocrite. And Drue was then kicked out of the house
    • Drue also reveals that he liked Jen, and she apologises for having used him to bait her father into an argument.
  • Joey accepts the money from Dawson.


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