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Abby Morgan


c. 1983


May 1999 (age 16)

First Appearance:

(1x07) Detention

Last Appearance:

(2x19) Rest In Peace


Mrs. Morgan (mother)



Portrayed By:

Monica Keena

Abby Morgan, portrayed by Monica Keena, is a fictional character from the TV Series, Dawson's Creek. Abby was well known for being very nasty to people. She didn't have many friends at Capeside High, but she eventually befriended Jen Lindley

In the episode, A Perfect Wedding, Jen and Abby went to the wedding, but they were both turned away by Andie, who said that they weren't invited. Both Jen and Abby went to the docks, drunk. Abby then fell off the top of the docks, and Jen jumped in to save her, but she was too late, as Abby had already drowned.

She was never brought back from the dead in later seasons since following her death, and today she would have been 32 years old.

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